Saturday, December 8, 2007

Christmas Specials...

We are tying to develop Christmas traditions in our home. But first I must tell you what happened this evening at the 4th ward Christmas dinner. Our kids were in line to sit on Santa's lap. Elijah came up to Santa and when he, Eli, was asked what he wanted for Christmas, Eli said he wanted to help Santa. Well the guy playing Santa did not get it. Eli doesn't want anything this year! He wants to do something for someone else. Then Eli said he was helping with Sub for Santa program. I wonder if this man playing at Santa understood.

Anyway, back to traditions. We will be going to Temple Square a few days before Christmas. We started this last year when we moved to Utah. We had a bonding time as a family. I hope it will happen again. I will be bringing our own hot cocoa this time. We are as I said Subbing for Santa this year and I hope the children will have such fun doing this that they will want to continue and make it a tradition. I guess that concludes our traditions at this point. Oh, we are reading once again A Christmas Carol. I can see that we don't have a lot of tradition yet but it is building as the children start to see what they can do.

One tradition that Gove and I may start is the attending of the Spanish Fork High School choir Christmas dinner. We received tickets from the directors wife and attended last night. It was amazing. Here is a High School putting on a 2.5 hour production of religious, contemporary, and traditional Christmas songs along with dance, lighting, acting, and a dinner for at lest 200 people.
It was lovely. Very impressive that the students learned all the music. This season marks the 7th year. It was a lovely event and as a date night for us, I can see having this as a tradition. Eventually we could bring the kids. Or maybe not.

Today we must have received 4+ inches of snow. Gove used his tractor to clear away the snow but now Gove is on his way to Canada, so I hope we do not get anymore. But as I was saying my bedtime prayers I realized how selfish it is of me to not want snow so instead I want snow and we will stay tucked away in our home. I have NO APPOINTMENTS THIS NEXT WEEK! Yes! I have the next 4 days planned for reading. Let's see, I will finish Silas Marner, read 1 and 2 of Federalist Papers, finish Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm and A Christmas Carol, and start something else. How exciting to think we can get all this reading and even more next week. Let it snow!

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