Saturday, December 29, 2007

The End Is Near...

What a wonderful year I have had!
I think 2007 will go down in my mind as an epoch in my existence thus far on earth. And honestly, I think my years are only going to improve so long as I am learning, seeking truth, and listening to the promptings of the Holy Ghost.
My year in a nut shell looks kind of like this... reading and learning, meeting and making new friends, starting a colloquium, sewing, cooking, exercising at times, gaining weight at other times, humanitarian projects, attending the temple, building my testimony, reading the words of prophets modern and ancient, praying for strength to keep trying, raising chickens, exploring the woods with our kids, camping, working on our home, moving, seeing my children grow in wisdom, knowledge, and confidence.
Attending seminars, learning the tools for empowering our children in their educations, understanding security versus stress. Singing, joy to be alive. Learning to use a cpap machine. Caring for sick family members, traveling to grandparents, charity and service.
I guess the list could go on. So much to be thankful. For all my blessings I thank my Heavenly Father and Savior.

I have filed all the 2007 learning encounters and printed pictures from this year for all the family. This was rather time consuming yet I was also blessed to learn more about Wilberforce and his second "Great Change". It seems that in 1692 William and Mary sent a Proclamation throughout England urging the citizens to practice virtuous morals and turn from vice. In the process of wanting to know more about this proclamation I found a man , Don Eberly who started the Civil Society Project which is along the lines of what Wilberforce started to reintroduce with the help of other like minded people.

This book about Wm. Wilberforce is making me more excited each time I read from it. It really is true that one person can make a change. What can I do? I was thinking this very question when I found the Civil Society Project and I will endeavor to learn more. The link is:

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