Friday, December 7, 2007

Georgics, Liber, Providence, Public Virtue...

What do these words mean?
Which concepts are lost from our society?
How do we/I gain them back?
Which is needed most to maintain freedom?

Dr. Shanon Brooks came to our home last night to present lost ideas that were once a part of our meaningful society. We extended an open invitation to families in the valley. There were 19 in attendance. An evening of enlightenment and encouragement was facilitated.

My notes are poor. I lack Liber, the ability to write and transform others. I am working to develop Georgics in our home . Our first step is raising chickens. Next spring I hope to plant fruit trees and develop a garden area. I believe in Providence. I am His creation and He has a mission for me and all mankind. I have to identify, prepare, and fill. Public Virtue I fear is in great need of help. It's the ability to give up what you have to help benefit society. It may be that you will give your wealth, service through time, or your life to make community better for others. Is it Public Virtue that we provide childcare each week for the families in PALMS? I think may be it has to have some level of sacrifice connected with the giving. I hear some say that paying tithing isn't the same until it hurts to pay it. I have never been pained to pay my tithing. Payment to the Lord comes first and all else is manageable there after.

Have you heard of Alexander Tytler? He believed in a 200 +/- year cycle for civilizations. He said a society goes from bondage to spiritual faith to great courage to liberty to abundance to complacency to apathy to dependence and back to bondage. Where is our nation today? I think we are between abundance and dependence.

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