Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Gift For Me...

Oh my goodness! During 2006 I recorded that I read 16 books and listened to 3 audio books. I just counted my books thus far for 2007 excluding the audio's, GWC articles, and the Famous Childhood Series, I have read 28 books. And one was Les Miserables unabridged which should count for three.
This is a world record for me, a person who 3 years ago might of read 3 additional books besides our central cannon in a year. I'm so excited and happy for myself. I am progressing and it feels great. I like myself and I want to keep improving. I know I will fall backwards often but as long as I keep going forward just a little each month, or year, or decade I am better.
I have read or listened to 44 different works this year and I hope to add 2 more books by New Years Eve. This is so fun! To structure my time wisely and really give more to reading and learning for my personal education in the afternoons could provide a grand adventure for me and my family.
All my thanks is directed to my God for opportunities to read and learn. And the desire to be changed and improved upon.
I feel like this is the best Christmas gift for me.

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