Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Give Said The Little Kids....

Our children had the best day on Monday. They went shopping for another family who needed help with Christmas. Eli, Beth, and Tia shopped for 3 other children ages 4-1. I was so pleased to see my children look for clothes, toys and books for someone else and show concern for these unknown little lives.
I was rejoicing in my heart to realize that our children can buy things for others and not be upset that they would never get such toys.
Last night we delivered these gifts to the awaiting family. Our children went away happy to have helped.

This morning the kids are artist. They are painting pictures for grandparents.

I am longing for more reading time. I need to sew a gift for my family today so I guess another busy day is in store and then it ends. We watched Amazing Grace last week, and now I am fired up to read about William Wilberforce. I have 2 different authors to compare. Gove and I have started The Spiritual Lives of Great Composers in preparation for January's colloquium.

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