Friday, December 7, 2007

"God bless you, every one!"

Not only did Charles Dickens pen these words for Tiny Tim in A Christmas Carol, they are his parting words for Americans when he left port returning to England. Charles died about 3 years later 1870, in his late 50's. I learned while reading to the children this morning that Mr. Dickens also was an actor and would read/act out sections of his books. Now I am interested in reading Oliver Twist and David Copperfield.
I am reading A Christmas Carol to the children. This morning during our reading, Eli wanted to know more about the author. I have one other book about Charles. It's called, Charles Dickens... The Man Who Had Great Expectations. It's interesting that many characters in his books were due to the poor life he and his family had when Charles was a child. Having read this little book has helped us to feel more appreciative of Charles and some of the pains he suffered as a child.
I feel confident that we will read with new eyes and greater comprehension for the life of the characters in A Christmas Carol.

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