Friday, December 21, 2007

"I Am Not Now What I Ought To Be...."

This morning while reading about Wm. Wilberforce in A Hero of Humanity by Kevin Belmonte, I was struck with a sudden idea and I want to post it in order to remember. I was reading about Wilberforce during the 1785-86 season when he experienced a "Great Change" spiritually and was once again awakened to his relationship with God and Christianity. I thought how interesting that William would be instrumental in the abolition of the British slave trade and I wondered if this act might have helped prepare the hearts of the British people for the restored gospel that would soon come. I wonder...

Last night we drove to SLC just as the rain, snow and thunder started. We took our children to Temple Square as part of our newly established Christmas tradition. Slush was everywhere and few people were out and about and thus we had a fun time together. Gove and the kids throwing snowballs. Gove's mom came with us. She was able to present the kids with lovely fleece vests for Eli and Beth and a hooded pullover for Tia. All of which came in handy during the snow. We were able to take Great Grandma Maggie to Orem on our return trip to Provo later in the evening.

Late this morning we learned that Grandma Maggie who is 94 needed to come stay with us because her son went to the hospital with irregular heart rhythms. Gove and I quickly stopped at DI the local thrift store and were blessed to find a lazy boy chair, a desk and book self to accommodate Gove's grandma. Maggie has a tracheotomy and often needs saline washes or wiping of the secretions around the trach opening. Today I was grateful to be helpful to this grand old women. I washed her slippers, I rubbed coconut oil and lotion into the skin of her lower legs that were just as dry as could be and are still soft 6 hours later. Mattia and Beth both spent time doing crafts or talking about their dolls that this grandma made for them 2 years ago. It turns out that the dolls of 2 years ago are worth 1/2 a million in dollars Grandma says. She said she was sick as she worked on the dolls and ended up in the hospital and then suffered respiratory arrest and thus the tracheotomy. Maggie will spend the night sleeping in her chair where she feels most comfortable. Gove is going to sleep near her and call me if there are any worries. Gove is playing Upwords with her right now.

It has been enjoyable to learn about Wilberforce in my current reading. He is surrounded by great men of that time. It's interesting to read how he was disappointed in himself for wasting valuable years. I love what he said,
"I am not now what I ought to be;
yet I trust...through the help of that gracious Being who has promised to assist our weak endeavors, to become more worthy of the name of Christian."

I like that the author is showing the natural man in Wilberforce and his 'repentance' as he develops and seeks improvement. In the beginning of his political career he was interested in himself and even bought votes which was and probably still is acceptable.

Must sleep...

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