Monday, December 10, 2007

Did I Say Travel Plans?

I am so pleased with our children. While I walked on the treadmill for an hour this morning, they sorted and started the laundry, took the garbages out and found a safe place in the snow for the black container to be picked up at the curb tomorrow. Yesterday morning Bethany and Elijah helped for almost 3 hours to remove all the snow from the driveway. I worked hard to get all the slush removed so when the sun came out, the driveway could become dry. It worked and we now have a clear driveway until the next snow hits.

This morning we continued with Rebecca of Sunny Brook Farm. The kids played the adult version of Cranium last night and wanted to play this morning. I read the questions and they all answer. The green cards are most difficult as they include celebrities and songs which my children have no idea about. On the other hand I am surprised how willing they are to do charades, and drawing with eyes shut and actually do a fine job. The clay dried out so I think they would enjoy the sculpturing too.

Today I came closer to finishing Silas Marner. I'vebeen thinking about this story and relating it to my actions in life. Silas was shunned as an out cast in the new community he moved into because he was different and strange. He was a weaver. It's not until Silas is robbed and turns to the community for help that perceptions of him and he of them begins to improve.
I'm glad to see how the preoccupation with the lost gold is replaced with the 'golden child'. Isn't every person worth more then 2 bags of gold? Yet how often have I not valued another child of God. Weather a homeless stranger, someone at church, or even a member of my family. Ouch it's painful to see my weaknesses and yet I want to change, repent , and improve and become better. I guess I should say I want to become liber. What does Liber really mean? I need to research this more. It's hard to find worthy dictionary definitions.

Late this afternoon I read 'Epiphanal Living' it's an electronic digest of Inspirational Living edited and produced by Donna Goff. Here is a link to the December journal:
Donna spoke briefly of something she calls the 'MAP' (Master Actualization Plan).I read this idea of Donna's over a year ago but I did not comprehend it then. Now I do. I get it because this summer I was ready for the Family Executive Counsel that Dr. DeMille described and now I can appreciate what Donna is saying. And I can follow through with the Mapping of myself and our children with the help of their father. Donna uses 10 categories when doing your MAP although all may not be used simultaneously. The 10th is travel. I fleetingly thought how I'd like to take the kids to the countries Gove travels to when he attends his yearly Information Systems conferences which are at times out of the United States.
Gove is currently in Montreal, Quebec, Canada for this very conference. He called us this evening and said that next December the Colloquium will be in Paris, and 2011 it's China. When I said China you should have seen the kids heads pop up and then I said the Great Wall of China and you should of seen their eyes go wide as saucers. Needless to say I have the MAP for travel already planned out. What's weird is that my son will be 14 and my youngest daughter will be 11, perfect for going to China. We discussed plans for making money for both Paris and China. I know we can learn some level of French with this type of a goal in mind. I said we could travel to Joan of Arc's home land, the kids are all for this opportunity as long as we can make money and learn the language. I see no reason why we can't all go together. How exciting to take the children to the Louvre or the Great Wall. Maybe we could take a side trip to Waterloo and see Les Miserables. I sense I can truly instill the vision and inspiration in our children to empower them to achieve greatness in preparing for this epoch in their young lives.

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Hammy said...

That sounds fantastic! I would love to go to Paris and China with you!