Friday, December 14, 2007

Minerva Teicherts Art Work

I took the children to view Minerva Teicherts art work this past Wednesday at the BYU Art Museum. I so like it when the children respond positively to attending an art gallery. On this tour they were interested in the dates of when the pictures were painted. I think the colors of Mrs. Teicherts art works give a feeling of being alive and I found my eyes being drawn to everything she painted. I saw a lot of reds, golds, and blues in her paintings. I have liked the picture of Esther since I first saw Minerva's work in an Ensign some time ago I think it was. This week I liked the Return of Israel.

Today we go to the SLC Aquarium.

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Donna said...

I have been very inspired by her. She was a farm wife with 5 children. She did her farm work, raised her children and still lived her mission and impacted millions.