Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Snow White Christmas...

I find myself enjoying this Christmas holiday with my family more so this year then any other. Why? I think it has to do with less for us and more for them. Three presents and one book for each child and some stocking stuffer's, and some new movies for the family. Our main attention was given to an Orphanage in Ecuador and Subbing for Santa locally.
For the last week we have been preparing for Monday night FHE, an evening of Elocution based on the Christmas theme. Gove's mother arrived late Christmas Eve evening and we preformed our memorized poems. Gove recited from memory the whole Grinch story. Eli's poem was about the 24th of December ticking away so slowly. Beth gave a poem about the stable where Jesus was born. I gave the poem I typed under December 24th blog. And Mattia made her own poem called For Want Of The Snow Flake.

For want of the snow flake the snow was lost.
For want of the snow the snowman was lost.
For want of the snowman the fun was lost.
For want of the fun the kids were lost.
And all for the want of one snow flake.

After our recitations, Gove read the Christmas Story. We piled into the van, the snow was falling again, we made chocolate candies in the afternoon and now we took them to our neighbors. I and the kids were brave enough to get out of the car and we caroled as we waited for the doors to open. It was fun to go with the kids and see how appreciated there acts of kindness were received. Next year we will practice our songs in advance.
Christmas day was lovely as well. We had the kids come help shovel snow prior to opening gifts. Less is more for us this year. I placed a picture of Jesus on the tree and we each wrote 3 gifts we would like to improve upon to give to Jesus this new year. I really like seeing a picture of Jesus on the tree and I think I will add this touch next year when we decorate the tree.

The heat lamp broke in the chicken coop and so I must get that replaced this morning as their drinking water is frozen now. I've had nothing but problems the past 3 days with the water container leaking. I had to remove all the bedding from the nests and from the floor as 7 gallons have leaked onto the floor. I hope to solve this quandary today.

We are off to purchase some containers for storage, and to see what JC Penny has to offer with blinds at 70% off.

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