Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I'm having an emotional week. Do you ever have negative thoughts about someone and they just keep bombarding you? Why can't I just let it go like water off the bridge of my nose. But no, I am still stewing over it. It's pride and lack of humility that is keeping me thinking and fuming. Then the next moment I'm telling my brain to be quiet and stop. Finally this afternoon I just had to get to my room by myself and pray and read from my central cannon. This brought me some peace and then I just had to tell Satan to get behind me because as for me and my mind we are going to follow the Lord. Easier said then done but I'm still trying.

I think having my sister home recuperating from serious clots related to her broken leg, her daughter home a lot, and Grandma here just kind of gets to be to much in my territory. I need to get out with my children tomorrow.
Gove is reading The 4th Turning to me while I use the treadmill in the morning. We really need to be reading about 20 pages a day to be ready for the colloquium in February. I can't even begin to say something here as to regards to this book. It's interesting. It's about cycles of life, history, civilizations. I'm going to need to read this book at least 3 times before I can start formulating something intelligent to say.

I am continuing to read SFG and like the ideas for gardening this coming season. I would love to read faster. So many things not enough time.

This evening was the first time I was able to attend Home Family and Personal Enrichment. It was nice to talk but more important was getting sisters to help with making soft balls for the humanitarian effort in the ward. If I can have plan every other month then things will start to pick up I do believe.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Beloved Church President, Gordon B. Hinckley,Dies at 97It's 9:00 pm and we have just heard the news that our beloved Prophet and President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Gordon B. Hinckley, has died. My immediate response was to thank my Lord and my Father in Heaven for the blessing this man has been to me in my life, even though President Hinckley never knew me by name.

I will always remember the day that I and Gove were waiting for an interview as part of the hiring process for BYU. We were at the Headquarters of the church in Salt Lake City. The security man at the desk asked us to take a seat while the elevator was being used. About 10 minutes later I hear the guard say it was clear for "him" to come down and moments later there was my prophet! A man of God. Meek, humble, submissive, a giant of a man, full of love, kindness, charity, the purest of love. I jumped up and walked to the door and said,
"President Hinckley, I love you!"

I honestly don't remember what he said now but I know he loved me as well. Just as my Savior and Redeemer loves me.

I will also remember with my little family while living in New Orleans, we were blessed to have President Hinckley speak at a regional gathering of the Saints. Our children almost remember this but not really.

I am indebted to my Heavenly Father and to His loving Son, Redeemer of all, Jesus the Christ. For all the tears I am shedding, at the same time I rejoice for my prophet.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Genetic changes...

Oh dear, is it possible that the petroleum jelly, aka Vaseline has already caused genetic defects? This afternoon the kids went to care for the hens and asses the feather situation. What they found is astounding. An egg, dark brown in color and the size of a mouse ball. Amazing, what does this mean? Are we now going to need 2 dozen eggs to satisfy a family of 5 at breakfast? Although the little mini egg is cute, I don't think it's going to sell well this summer. I am hopeful that the kids will earn money for their trip to France later this year. Selling the eggs for $2/dozen seemed like a good plan until this afternoon. I wonder if one of the hens was laying a second egg and it just came out small because of the demand for perfection for the first incredible edible egg.

Bethany and I continue to read about SFG. This is going to be a great way to farm this summer. I am interested in staggering so we get fresh crops longer. Again another day flew bye. We did review our French words,we seem to be progressing. We continued our reading of Just David while the kids did crafts and ate lunch.Gove is reading The Fourth Turning so I better go listen. Well now he just finished as he is tired.
I forgot to mention, this morning the girls and I started the process of germinating legumes. It's our first attempt. I want to try sprouting, then dehydrating, then making flour. I also have chicken cooking to create a stock.

Au revoir

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Come Give It A Try....

This evening we held our monthly Federalist and Anti Fed colloquium for letters 3-8. I am pretty simple in my thinking on such big ideas. But I did like the thoughts of the Anti federalist. In the 3rd composed letter by a "farmer", the anti side said the the Federalist should actually be called Nationalist. And the Anti feds, who are for a confederacy should be the Federalist.
I was not pleased with John Jay in his 3rd Fed. paper. It seemed like he was undermining the south by giving the Mississippi water way to Spain. These 8 papers discussed the security of the states verses a nation. Enough! I am not doing justice. Read it yourself and find out how interesting it is, and then do something about it. Like this....

The Provo Area Leadership Mentoring Society is pleased to extend an open invitation to hear a presentation on the 7 Keys, and 4 Phases of a Thomas Jefferson (Leadership) Education. This is a great opportunity for those new to leadership education, or those who are considering adopting the principles of leadership education.

Blaine Rindlisbacher has been actively involved with leadership education since 1999. He has worked closely with Drs. Oliver DeMille, Julie Earley, and Shane Schultize. Blaine will share his experience as a homeschooling father and as a student at George Wythe College. This one-hour presentation will cover the basic philosophies of leadership education and should be very helpful to those who have questions about what Thomas Jefferson Education is, or how to implement it. Even those who have been Thomas Jefferson educators for years are welcome to come interact and ask questions.

This is an opportunity to bring acquaintances you think will benefit by being introduced to this educational philosophy. There is no charge to attend. Childcare is available, (call Nickie to schedule).
Here are the details:

Date: Thursday, January 31, 2008
Time: 7:00-8:00pm
Place: Allen home

The Good and the Bad

Bad news first. The chickens seem to like the petroleum jelly! They are probably pecking on each other this very minute and are almost naked! I'll find out in the morning. Would they have pecked if I used A and D? How about an ace wrap?

Yesterday I took the kids to Eli's Knights of Freedom. I have been in doubt about starting a club here in Provo until I saw these boys together again. There is a sense of reward to watch boys interact and respond positively to different personalities. How can I not create a group here? I know what bothers me. It's an issue of personal insecurities. I know this is funny, but I feel insecure around slim healthy woman because I am fat. That's it. I feel less of a women as a fat female. So why don't I just stop eating and lose some weight?....Or just get over it and get out there and do good for our sons.

Gove and I got up early Tuesday and made it to the 5:45 am session at the temple. My notes are down stairs so if I remember to come back I will say what I have now forgotten.

I was reading in 1Nephi chapter 18 and received a worthwhile lesson. Nephi was trying to tell his brothers to stop their wanton behavior on the boat but they kept cutting him off. I realized that I am doing this when the kids try to tell me what someone else did to them in a fight. I just cut off what they are saying and I in turn say I don't care, what you have to say is nothing. Well, I don't want to be like this even if the situation is because the kids were pecking on each other. I called each child to my lap and privately apologized and explained my actions. I provided them with the opportunity to tell me anything on their minds. I thought they would let a lot out. No, they each hugged me and loved me. I look forward to not cutting off my children tomorrow.

Feathers Are Flying...

This is a "real Turken"

Why must the hours in a day fly bye? All I wanted was a little time for personal study. Actually it was going to be my learning time with Bethany because she is also interested in Square Foot Gardening, here after referred to as SFG.

On the positive side, it's 4 pm and the pressure cooker is preparing a nutritious meal of pinto beans and meat, thanks to the cooking wisdom of my sister in-law, Dezra in Minnesota. Dezra, you should make a youtube on pressure cooking. You will become the talk of every mothers kitchen. How fun.
I tried reading a few web sites on how to start a podcast but it seems I was looking at the difficult to understand sites. My friend Kacy sure made it sound easy for the Mac user.

I thought I was being smart this afternoon when I decided to rub vaseline on the featherless necks of some of our chickens. What is the deal with them? I give great scraps, scratch, feed, and loving words. They are so use to my voice I can call out to them and ask them to be quite when they are cackling about laying an egg and they listen to me. Why are they so disobedient when I ask then to stop pecking on each other.
Boy, this sounds a lot like some children I know. Except I am happy to say that my kids don't pick at much as these feathered friends do.

We had our second French lesson today, Eli was very positive that he is going to speack French soon. Merci, Bonjour, Ca va?. Mattia attended her first speech articulation class. I picked up my sister from work as she isn't able to drive with her type of cast. So the day has passed by me.
That being said, I will not let my personal scripture study pass by me. I finished the Ensign during Tia's hour. I have other thoughts I want to post about yesterday while at Knights of Freedom, and attending the temple Tuesday morning. I will study now and see you later.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

I am taking a break from reading the Fed and Anti Fed papers while Gove helps Eli make a Lego stop motion movie. We are reading papers 3-8 of the Federalist, and 3-8 of the composed Anti Fed. papers They are very interesting and I am feeling in agreement with the Anti argument especially expressed in number 5.

Last night I finished The Keeper of the Bees by G.S. Porter. I have read 4 other books by this authoress and have enjoyed each one as a true blue type story. It wasn't until I read Bee Keeper that I realized Gene is teaching about the value of private and public virtue that have slipped from society back in 1923. These words are pretty much lost today. When was the last time you heard of public virtue? I never heard these words used together until attending GWC seminars. Private virtue is taught to an extent with families, and maybe with some mentors. I don't know if there are any statistics to show this. As a nation what type of people do we value? I would venture to say that the television programs show the answer. I think we should value and teach the private virtues that Mrs. Porter exemplifies through the characters in her books. Again I see this as a return to manners and civil society groups that taught a virtuous life is a worthy life to live.

I have heard about this shot that is being given to young girls that is supposed to prevent cervical cancer. This type of cervical cancer is sexually transmitted. Better then receiving an injection, would be to teach the value of morals and integrity to our sons and daughters, and eliminate the disease all together.

Back to the papers with Gove... Time has passed. We enjoyed a lovely dinner with Kacy and Christian, who we have meet at church. Kacy is highly skilled in the art of writing and has her thoughts presented in a pleasing manner. She even has a book club and a podcast for book reviews. How neat. I think she might be someone who could present a class on writing skills to our colloquium group.

The kids detected everything that needs attention during our cleaning day tomorrow. I have it written on the chalk board. When I asked them to be the "cleaning detectives" I was expecting complaints but they let me down.Bless their growing hearts and minds. Off they went to find the areas needing attention. Eli is excited to get up and start so he can go to Sam's home and make a lego stop motion film in the afternoon.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Passing days...

Why does Saturday always pass so quickly? I'd love to read all day but now it's 5:45pm. I should make dinner soon, but I rather write my insights from my readings this week. Writing what i have learned is pertinent to retaining and understanding the information I have been seeking to acquire. What good is spending hours in self directed learning if I can't even pronounce the names of people or ideas of great authors throughout the centuries of man's existence. I have to share with someone even if it's just typing.

Thursday evening we held our regular colloquium. Six members attended. I am usually concerned if we have a small turn out. But once again I left the meeting feeling rewarded for the thoughts and wisdom of other peoples ideas. We started our discussion on the topic of the evening, Amazing Grace. From the life of Wm. Wilberforce we extended our ideas to humanitarian activities, the millions of people and societies destroyed by tyrants and how the lack of social manners kills societies because the people no longer care how anyone else feels, it's all about me. Wouldn't it be shocking if the next President of the United States gave a proclamation to all Americans encouraging them to return to Providence and seek to live virtuous lives. A return to civil societies.
John Newton mentored for a short season the young Wilberforce. And although William allowed worldliness to enter his life for another season, he returns to this mentor as a changed man desiring to accomplish what is right, moral, and true. To receive affirmation from the man who penned the words to the song Amazing Grace would be a great boost to strengthen William as he began to make scarifies for the cause of public virtue.

Last night we finally lassoed Deby and her family over for a dinner. Deby was the person who started a colloquium using the 5 Pillar plan found at George Wythe College. Her act gave us the confidence to take over when she moved on, and now we have expanded the ideas that Deby started. Since we have been involved with PALMS, I am feeling increased confidence in my ability and desire to share what our homeshcooling ideas consist of, and how we are implementing as well as handling disappointments.

It's Saturday night and I'm ready.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Words from the Wise...not me.

In 1980 Marion G. Romney gave the following promise to families.
"I feel certain that if, in our homes, parents will read from the Book of Mormon prayerfully and regularly, both by themselves and with their children, the spirit of that great book will come to permeate our homes and all who dwell therein. The spirit of reverence will increase; mutual respect and consideration for each other will grow. The spirit of contention will depart. Parents will counsel their children in greater love and wisdom. Children will be more responsive and submissive to the counsel of their parents. Righteousness will increase. Faith, hope, and charity—the pure love of Christ—will abound in our homes and lives, bringing in their wake peace, joy, and happiness."

Last week I started to seriously take these promises into my mind and heart. I am exercising faith upon the word and the test is showing fruits of positiveness. A solid week with almost no contentions amongst the children. I feel happier and able to handle complaints with greater patience. Everything has felt more peaceful. I pray with greater confidence that daily life will be manageable and enjoyable. If I want my faith to grow I simply must experiment upon the word. I understand although I don't always practice the theory that if my faith is to increase I need to have humility in my acts and thoughts. Let go of my pride and bend my knees more willingly.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


After going sledding this afternoon, I took Eli to a Faith In God activity that the Primary is just starting in our ward. I realize we have been working on the Articles of Faith section but I will need to see what else is going on in the program. I hope this will help with some arrow of light you can earn in Webelos.
I also took the girls to dance and was able to read from this month's Ensign. I made time for my personal religious study this morning. I was reading a 1975 talk by Ezra Taft Benson regarding the blessings of daily Book of Mormon study. I am thankful that with the counsel of modern day prophets I can exercise my faith and trust that I can be guided to recognize false worldly teaching that are intended to lead people astray from what is right, safe, or healthy. Did you hear that eating cloned meat is safe? Listen to the prompting in your mind and what you feel in your heart. I just remind myself that experts are not the experts for me and my family. God is my expert.
If this isn't enough for the day, Gove held scouts while I was at dance, and then we went swimming after a quick dinner of left over pizza. Finally made it home at 9pm. There is sanity to all of this. Tomorrow we get to stay home and read in the evening. Gove and I are going to write up guidlines for the PALMS group and I hope to buckle down and give a best effort at writing for submission into the Liber League at George Wythe College.
What did I learn today? It's fun to be out with my kids in the snow. It feels swell to be happy and see the kids happy all day too. ( It's been a while since we were all happy all day). I did learn that Aristotle mentored the young Alexander the Great, attended the Academy in Athens and was mentored himself by Pluto. I also can to realize that in my landscape painting I should have painted the big tree before I painted the deck. But I'm feeling confident that I can somehow fix it in the end. We were so close to the deer today that I learned their winter coats are very matted and shabby looking but it must keep them warm.

Up To My Knees...

After 4 stores, I finally decided to go to Target and it was there that we found individual sleds for the kids. For $4 I think that was just fine. I did buy a 4 person plastic sled at Sportman ____ but that was $25. The wind is blowing all directions but we were so excited to try out our sleds I decided to drive to our summer hiking grounds up the South Fork canyon. We saw over 7 deer and I think we might of seen 2 female vultures going through the snow. Or maybe they were turkey hens but the faces did not seem like turkeys. Did I mention it was very cold? Once we made it through the knee high snow to the hill, Eli said his toes and fingers were already cold. I don't think we sled over 15 minutes but we had fun within that amount of time.I did think ahead enough to bring hot chocolate and that was nice to warm up to. There is a home on one acre for sale about a mile further up the road. We would love to live up this canyon but wow, what a price! They want $800,000! I guess we won't be moving to that neck of the woods.
Still we can sled all we want on our unfinished driveway. Once we warm up again that is.

Monday, January 14, 2008

What A Day...

As I have most likely mentioned in previous posting, Mondays are work days for our family. Today was not different. However, what was different was the lack of murmuring, and the ability to accomplish so much. What made today better then other Mondays?
It came to my mind while at a homeschool support group to ask the kids to go about the house on Sunday night and detect what needs cleaning for Monday. I call this an epiphany. Last night I said I needed detectives to search out the cleaning needs and the kids went after the idea, hook, line, and sinker.
Everything was written on the chalk board plus I included 3 jobs that consisted of saying I Love You, Hugs, and Hugs again, which makes the list seem more bearable to the children when I have happy acts to be accomplished as well as hard work.
I even managed to go outside and try sledding on plastic which did not work because of the bumps on the dirt driveway. I think sledding before we plow next year is going to be fun and you can bet I'll be out there trying to impress my kids.
Mattia and I painted with acrylics this afternoon while waiting for laundry to dry. I am painting my first picture ever on canvas. I am not an artist but I am tying my hand at a winter scene looking eastward from our dinning room windows.
We made pizza this evening and had a lovely, talkative dinner with the Black family. For our LDS friends, it was Susan Easton Black and her husband. We talked about the educational approach we are taking with our children, the idea of empowering our children to gain their own education, and how we contribute by seeking learning for ourselves as their parents, how to inspire children that they have missions and their educations are directly related to the missions they will serve through out life. I could of listened for a few more hours to Susan but we all needed to retire to our beds.
It's interesting how I am feeling confidence in my ability to share with others the ideas of homeschooling. There are two families that are looking into the possibility of home education at some point and I want to help give ideas that are becoming cornerstones in the education of our family both young and old. I think I feel courage to share ideas since we started holding the colloquia. It's exciting and I am happy. Sure I have bad days who doesn't. But it's nice to see advancement for me, my children, and for other families to see they can provide more for their children no matter what educational approach is taken.
Enough! Off to bed for some light reading of Federalist #4.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

We watched Amazing Grace this evening. I continue to feel awed by the work of William and others who perceivered for 20 years to make a change that would affect the world for good.

My sister broke her ankle last Saturday and ended needing surgery. One week later she is doing pretty well. She has to use a walker and hop at this point until she receives a cast next week. The down time for her has been a help to me as she has read much to the children.

The Sabbath is almost here.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cabin Fever...

I have been blessed to pass through a few weeks of difficulty and now I feel the burden is being lifted. Our household has been under more contentions then usual, and I have been feeling at my wits end. I went to the temple Tuesday morning to ponder this issue. Two epiphanies came to my mind that actually had little direct relationship to the contention but contributed to my peace and security instead of stress. 1st I needed to post a particular shopping list that I have not used in about 2 years, and 2nd I needed to talk to my husband and just say all that was on my mind. It's amazing how letting all my thoughts out verbally can make me feel so much better. More amazing is how my feelings are reflect in our children.

I also feel that the winter days spent indoors contributes to clashes among the kids and with me.We have talked about Springtime and spending long amount of time in the woods with nature.

I also realize that I am trying to progress into longer personal self-directed study time and this seems to add some pressure to myself as I want to feel like I am accomplishing much. I was so tied up in the dictionary looking for word origins, I became frustrated. I think I am transitioning and need to be patient as I discover what will work for me and for my husband and children.

Last night we went for a family swim at BYU. The pool has been closed to children all last semester due to the out break of cryptosporidiosis within Utah last summer. We played "shark" with the kids. Eli and Gove went of the diving board but decided against the platform dive this time.

Lots of snow yesterday. But Ogden had 22". Wow I am glad I did not have to shovel that much. I think we did 10". Luckily the first 8" Gove used the tractor. In the afternoon my son Eli went out and started to shovel 2ish inches because the sun was shining and I wanted to get the remainder of the snow off the ground to dry the driveway. This aspiring son went out and started without me and continued for over 1.5 hours. Together we cleaned the pavement. I told Gove about this when I picked me up from work. Very quietly Gove praised Eli for his willingness to help and gave him a monetary reward. Later Eli came to me and softly said, "thanks mom". We have a blossoming future youth, not teenager, growing before our eyes.

Today I feel inspired for my personal learning time. I think I need to make some contacts with people who can guide me with Greek and Latin root words. I also realize that I need to post about the things I read to help me understand and store this learning in longterm memory. I will ponder if I will post directly here or to a link.

This afternoon I am going to bid on a vinyl cutter. I am going to start my own business using vinyl lettering to express ideas of the TJED philosophy, and I am going to start selling a cd with the 1228 dictionary and give half the proceeds to George Wythe College for the building fund. This is going to become my step into the entrepreneur world.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Chicken Talk...

Dove, is Bethany's white Leghorn Hen. I have noticed an increase in early morning chicken noise like one is laying or just laid a really big egg. This morning, I finally put two ideas together and I think I know the answer. We do not have a rooster in our hen house. About 2 weeks ago I saw Dove mounting one of the hens like she was the rooster. This morning I listened to Dove making so much noise I realized she was trying to crow like a male. I have often talk to the girls and asked them to be quite and they actually listen but Dove wasn't going to have any part in obedience. I decided to turn off the hen house light until 8 am in anticipation that this will decrease Dove's desire to act like a dominate male. I will find out tomorrow if it works.
On the positive side, egg production has increased from 4 per day to 8 per day.
Next option... classical chicken music?

Thursday, January 3, 2008

It Smells Like Spring Today

Yesterday, I called Donna to see if I could give her a ride to a homeschooling support group in Pleasant Grove. Donna was speaking about Leadership Education and the clubs she created, Princess Academy and Sons of Valor.
I had a great moment while listening to her. She was repeating something Oliver says at seminars. It goes like this..."the education your children will have will be based on the education you have in 5 years." I have always felt uncomfortable hearing this statement until last night. I realized I am on a path of improvement in my self-directed education. I am seeking and I am gaining wisdom line upon line, a little here, a little there. I see hope for my Liber education. I am encouraged that my children will be better and greater then me. And I hope to help them accomplish greatness.

This evening was our first colloquium of the new year. We had two others in attendance, and we had an insightful discussion regarding personal mission in life and the need to share knowledge and wisdom gained with others and not hold in what we learn. I think it's going to be vital to let our children dream of all the great people they can become. That was a problem for many of the parents of great composers. They wanted their sons to do anything but music. Yet these artist had missions to create and could not deny the God who gave them life.

We had a nice visit 2 days after Christmas with friends we meet in New Orleans who are currently living in Dallas. Carrie and Justin along with their daughters came for an afternoon visit and we felt fortunate to spend time with old friends.
Keeping in contact with friends and family is a weakness I have. Some days I wonder how I can be disconnected from people out side of my personal family. But I am.

I had a couple epiphanies while listening to Donna last night. I need to bring the kids into folding the laundry now that they have the sorting and washing going smoothly. I need to call it "Family Folding". It's time for me to give vacuuming to the kids. It's one job I like to do but it's time to let the kids practice and improve.

Yesterday we had a nice day of learning adventures. Mattia wrote a poem and she was so happy to call her self an author. This is her second poem. It goes like this..."Snails or slow, snail are slow, But slugs are even slower." She made a picture too. It was also Tia's turn to cook dinner and she and I made Cheese Raviolis from scratch! They tasted great! This was a time consuming meal for the first time but I feel confident that we could sell raviolis to our neighbors as a way to make money for our trip in December.

I left a message with a neighbor and I hope to visit and learn more about using this popular vinyl lettering system for craft projects. I have an idea of selling framed glass with classic quotes, keys of TJEd philosophy, and who knows what else. I'd like to do this to show my children that I am earning money and serious about our trip and I also want to donate money I make to the George Wythe College building fund. Donna said our group might qualify for Liber League status. It's something I'm checking into.

Temperature is up today. We are hoping for snow over the weekend so that the barometric pressure falls and then we can see our homemade barometers in action. low pressure with cloudy stormy weather, like a hurricane. High pressure with sunny days, like summer in the woods.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

To avoid blogging on the first day of the first month of a new year is kind of like not bearing my testimony on the first Sunday of the first month of the new year. If I don't accomplish the important action on the given day, it might become an omen of negativity to come. Thus I blog.

Honestly, it is a happy new year for me, no regrets for last year, looking forward to a new year of learning and working with my family and some good quality camping in the summer.
There is snow covering the mountains to the east of me and snow to the west, north, and south. I can see little bird prints in the snow off my bedroom deck. I imagine I will be the first person to check on the chickens today and see to their comforts. I will be the first to play with my children and maybe the first to read to them, sing to them, tickle them, laugh with them. I know what I'll do, I'll be the first to make breakfast for the family today!

Happy First Things Today!