Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cabin Fever...

I have been blessed to pass through a few weeks of difficulty and now I feel the burden is being lifted. Our household has been under more contentions then usual, and I have been feeling at my wits end. I went to the temple Tuesday morning to ponder this issue. Two epiphanies came to my mind that actually had little direct relationship to the contention but contributed to my peace and security instead of stress. 1st I needed to post a particular shopping list that I have not used in about 2 years, and 2nd I needed to talk to my husband and just say all that was on my mind. It's amazing how letting all my thoughts out verbally can make me feel so much better. More amazing is how my feelings are reflect in our children.

I also feel that the winter days spent indoors contributes to clashes among the kids and with me.We have talked about Springtime and spending long amount of time in the woods with nature.

I also realize that I am trying to progress into longer personal self-directed study time and this seems to add some pressure to myself as I want to feel like I am accomplishing much. I was so tied up in the dictionary looking for word origins, I became frustrated. I think I am transitioning and need to be patient as I discover what will work for me and for my husband and children.

Last night we went for a family swim at BYU. The pool has been closed to children all last semester due to the out break of cryptosporidiosis within Utah last summer. We played "shark" with the kids. Eli and Gove went of the diving board but decided against the platform dive this time.

Lots of snow yesterday. But Ogden had 22". Wow I am glad I did not have to shovel that much. I think we did 10". Luckily the first 8" Gove used the tractor. In the afternoon my son Eli went out and started to shovel 2ish inches because the sun was shining and I wanted to get the remainder of the snow off the ground to dry the driveway. This aspiring son went out and started without me and continued for over 1.5 hours. Together we cleaned the pavement. I told Gove about this when I picked me up from work. Very quietly Gove praised Eli for his willingness to help and gave him a monetary reward. Later Eli came to me and softly said, "thanks mom". We have a blossoming future youth, not teenager, growing before our eyes.

Today I feel inspired for my personal learning time. I think I need to make some contacts with people who can guide me with Greek and Latin root words. I also realize that I need to post about the things I read to help me understand and store this learning in longterm memory. I will ponder if I will post directly here or to a link.

This afternoon I am going to bid on a vinyl cutter. I am going to start my own business using vinyl lettering to express ideas of the TJED philosophy, and I am going to start selling a cd with the 1228 dictionary and give half the proceeds to George Wythe College for the building fund. This is going to become my step into the entrepreneur world.


Dezra said...

Here is web page that has a search engine for latin/greek roots and their modern words. It may be a good resource for what you are doing.

Also, good luck on your vinyl lettering. I'll be one of your customers.

Nickie said...

Thanks, I'll try it next time I feel courageous enough to if it another shot.

Edie said...

Great work.