Sunday, January 6, 2008

Chicken Talk...

Dove, is Bethany's white Leghorn Hen. I have noticed an increase in early morning chicken noise like one is laying or just laid a really big egg. This morning, I finally put two ideas together and I think I know the answer. We do not have a rooster in our hen house. About 2 weeks ago I saw Dove mounting one of the hens like she was the rooster. This morning I listened to Dove making so much noise I realized she was trying to crow like a male. I have often talk to the girls and asked them to be quite and they actually listen but Dove wasn't going to have any part in obedience. I decided to turn off the hen house light until 8 am in anticipation that this will decrease Dove's desire to act like a dominate male. I will find out tomorrow if it works.
On the positive side, egg production has increased from 4 per day to 8 per day.
Next option... classical chicken music?


Dezra said...

What is that chicken wearing?

Nickie said...

I think it's her racing jacket. Or maybe it's to protect her chest from being plucked by other greedy hens.