Tuesday, January 15, 2008


After going sledding this afternoon, I took Eli to a Faith In God activity that the Primary is just starting in our ward. I realize we have been working on the Articles of Faith section but I will need to see what else is going on in the program. I hope this will help with some arrow of light you can earn in Webelos.
I also took the girls to dance and was able to read from this month's Ensign. I made time for my personal religious study this morning. I was reading a 1975 talk by Ezra Taft Benson regarding the blessings of daily Book of Mormon study. I am thankful that with the counsel of modern day prophets I can exercise my faith and trust that I can be guided to recognize false worldly teaching that are intended to lead people astray from what is right, safe, or healthy. Did you hear that eating cloned meat is safe? Listen to the prompting in your mind and what you feel in your heart. I just remind myself that experts are not the experts for me and my family. God is my expert.
If this isn't enough for the day, Gove held scouts while I was at dance, and then we went swimming after a quick dinner of left over pizza. Finally made it home at 9pm. There is sanity to all of this. Tomorrow we get to stay home and read in the evening. Gove and I are going to write up guidlines for the PALMS group and I hope to buckle down and give a best effort at writing for submission into the Liber League at George Wythe College.
What did I learn today? It's fun to be out with my kids in the snow. It feels swell to be happy and see the kids happy all day too. ( It's been a while since we were all happy all day). I did learn that Aristotle mentored the young Alexander the Great, attended the Academy in Athens and was mentored himself by Pluto. I also can to realize that in my landscape painting I should have painted the big tree before I painted the deck. But I'm feeling confident that I can somehow fix it in the end. We were so close to the deer today that I learned their winter coats are very matted and shabby looking but it must keep them warm.

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