Friday, January 25, 2008

Genetic changes...

Oh dear, is it possible that the petroleum jelly, aka Vaseline has already caused genetic defects? This afternoon the kids went to care for the hens and asses the feather situation. What they found is astounding. An egg, dark brown in color and the size of a mouse ball. Amazing, what does this mean? Are we now going to need 2 dozen eggs to satisfy a family of 5 at breakfast? Although the little mini egg is cute, I don't think it's going to sell well this summer. I am hopeful that the kids will earn money for their trip to France later this year. Selling the eggs for $2/dozen seemed like a good plan until this afternoon. I wonder if one of the hens was laying a second egg and it just came out small because of the demand for perfection for the first incredible edible egg.

Bethany and I continue to read about SFG. This is going to be a great way to farm this summer. I am interested in staggering so we get fresh crops longer. Again another day flew bye. We did review our French words,we seem to be progressing. We continued our reading of Just David while the kids did crafts and ate lunch.Gove is reading The Fourth Turning so I better go listen. Well now he just finished as he is tired.
I forgot to mention, this morning the girls and I started the process of germinating legumes. It's our first attempt. I want to try sprouting, then dehydrating, then making flour. I also have chicken cooking to create a stock.

Au revoir

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