Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Good and the Bad

Bad news first. The chickens seem to like the petroleum jelly! They are probably pecking on each other this very minute and are almost naked! I'll find out in the morning. Would they have pecked if I used A and D? How about an ace wrap?

Yesterday I took the kids to Eli's Knights of Freedom. I have been in doubt about starting a club here in Provo until I saw these boys together again. There is a sense of reward to watch boys interact and respond positively to different personalities. How can I not create a group here? I know what bothers me. It's an issue of personal insecurities. I know this is funny, but I feel insecure around slim healthy woman because I am fat. That's it. I feel less of a women as a fat female. So why don't I just stop eating and lose some weight?....Or just get over it and get out there and do good for our sons.

Gove and I got up early Tuesday and made it to the 5:45 am session at the temple. My notes are down stairs so if I remember to come back I will say what I have now forgotten.

I was reading in 1Nephi chapter 18 and received a worthwhile lesson. Nephi was trying to tell his brothers to stop their wanton behavior on the boat but they kept cutting him off. I realized that I am doing this when the kids try to tell me what someone else did to them in a fight. I just cut off what they are saying and I in turn say I don't care, what you have to say is nothing. Well, I don't want to be like this even if the situation is because the kids were pecking on each other. I called each child to my lap and privately apologized and explained my actions. I provided them with the opportunity to tell me anything on their minds. I thought they would let a lot out. No, they each hugged me and loved me. I look forward to not cutting off my children tomorrow.


Kacy said...

Maybe we could try rubbing Vaseline on our kids to get them to stop pecking at each other? I wonder if I should stop cutting off my kids when they "tattle" about a fight. I really hate hearing it and I don't punish for what I didn't see, but they do seem to want me to just listen to their side. Good idea. What is Knights of Freedom? I've never heard of it. . . Probably because I'm fat.

Nickie said...

Gove brought home a mini mac. Come help me start a podcast and I'll share Knights of Freedom with you. Your body is great so no, it's not fat that is keeping you from knowing, it's the idea of mom schools.