Sunday, January 20, 2008

I am taking a break from reading the Fed and Anti Fed papers while Gove helps Eli make a Lego stop motion movie. We are reading papers 3-8 of the Federalist, and 3-8 of the composed Anti Fed. papers They are very interesting and I am feeling in agreement with the Anti argument especially expressed in number 5.

Last night I finished The Keeper of the Bees by G.S. Porter. I have read 4 other books by this authoress and have enjoyed each one as a true blue type story. It wasn't until I read Bee Keeper that I realized Gene is teaching about the value of private and public virtue that have slipped from society back in 1923. These words are pretty much lost today. When was the last time you heard of public virtue? I never heard these words used together until attending GWC seminars. Private virtue is taught to an extent with families, and maybe with some mentors. I don't know if there are any statistics to show this. As a nation what type of people do we value? I would venture to say that the television programs show the answer. I think we should value and teach the private virtues that Mrs. Porter exemplifies through the characters in her books. Again I see this as a return to manners and civil society groups that taught a virtuous life is a worthy life to live.

I have heard about this shot that is being given to young girls that is supposed to prevent cervical cancer. This type of cervical cancer is sexually transmitted. Better then receiving an injection, would be to teach the value of morals and integrity to our sons and daughters, and eliminate the disease all together.

Back to the papers with Gove... Time has passed. We enjoyed a lovely dinner with Kacy and Christian, who we have meet at church. Kacy is highly skilled in the art of writing and has her thoughts presented in a pleasing manner. She even has a book club and a podcast for book reviews. How neat. I think she might be someone who could present a class on writing skills to our colloquium group.

The kids detected everything that needs attention during our cleaning day tomorrow. I have it written on the chalk board. When I asked them to be the "cleaning detectives" I was expecting complaints but they let me down.Bless their growing hearts and minds. Off they went to find the areas needing attention. Eli is excited to get up and start so he can go to Sam's home and make a lego stop motion film in the afternoon.


Dezra said...

Thanks for the idea of "cleaning detectives." I am going to use it with my girls. And thanks for the blog. I don't comment on all I read, but I read almost every day and I have learned from you and really admire the way you are learning and growing and being such a good example to your kids, neighbors, friends, (and me!), etc.

Nickie said...

Thank you, your words are encouraging to me and I kthink I'll keep trying even though it's been a long and somewhat rough day.