Thursday, January 24, 2008

Feathers Are Flying...

This is a "real Turken"

Why must the hours in a day fly bye? All I wanted was a little time for personal study. Actually it was going to be my learning time with Bethany because she is also interested in Square Foot Gardening, here after referred to as SFG.

On the positive side, it's 4 pm and the pressure cooker is preparing a nutritious meal of pinto beans and meat, thanks to the cooking wisdom of my sister in-law, Dezra in Minnesota. Dezra, you should make a youtube on pressure cooking. You will become the talk of every mothers kitchen. How fun.
I tried reading a few web sites on how to start a podcast but it seems I was looking at the difficult to understand sites. My friend Kacy sure made it sound easy for the Mac user.

I thought I was being smart this afternoon when I decided to rub vaseline on the featherless necks of some of our chickens. What is the deal with them? I give great scraps, scratch, feed, and loving words. They are so use to my voice I can call out to them and ask them to be quite when they are cackling about laying an egg and they listen to me. Why are they so disobedient when I ask then to stop pecking on each other.
Boy, this sounds a lot like some children I know. Except I am happy to say that my kids don't pick at much as these feathered friends do.

We had our second French lesson today, Eli was very positive that he is going to speack French soon. Merci, Bonjour, Ca va?. Mattia attended her first speech articulation class. I picked up my sister from work as she isn't able to drive with her type of cast. So the day has passed by me.
That being said, I will not let my personal scripture study pass by me. I finished the Ensign during Tia's hour. I have other thoughts I want to post about yesterday while at Knights of Freedom, and attending the temple Tuesday morning. I will study now and see you later.

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