Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I'm having an emotional week. Do you ever have negative thoughts about someone and they just keep bombarding you? Why can't I just let it go like water off the bridge of my nose. But no, I am still stewing over it. It's pride and lack of humility that is keeping me thinking and fuming. Then the next moment I'm telling my brain to be quiet and stop. Finally this afternoon I just had to get to my room by myself and pray and read from my central cannon. This brought me some peace and then I just had to tell Satan to get behind me because as for me and my mind we are going to follow the Lord. Easier said then done but I'm still trying.

I think having my sister home recuperating from serious clots related to her broken leg, her daughter home a lot, and Grandma here just kind of gets to be to much in my territory. I need to get out with my children tomorrow.
Gove is reading The 4th Turning to me while I use the treadmill in the morning. We really need to be reading about 20 pages a day to be ready for the colloquium in February. I can't even begin to say something here as to regards to this book. It's interesting. It's about cycles of life, history, civilizations. I'm going to need to read this book at least 3 times before I can start formulating something intelligent to say.

I am continuing to read SFG and like the ideas for gardening this coming season. I would love to read faster. So many things not enough time.

This evening was the first time I was able to attend Home Family and Personal Enrichment. It was nice to talk but more important was getting sisters to help with making soft balls for the humanitarian effort in the ward. If I can have plan every other month then things will start to pick up I do believe.

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