Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Up To My Knees...

After 4 stores, I finally decided to go to Target and it was there that we found individual sleds for the kids. For $4 I think that was just fine. I did buy a 4 person plastic sled at Sportman ____ but that was $25. The wind is blowing all directions but we were so excited to try out our sleds I decided to drive to our summer hiking grounds up the South Fork canyon. We saw over 7 deer and I think we might of seen 2 female vultures going through the snow. Or maybe they were turkey hens but the faces did not seem like turkeys. Did I mention it was very cold? Once we made it through the knee high snow to the hill, Eli said his toes and fingers were already cold. I don't think we sled over 15 minutes but we had fun within that amount of time.I did think ahead enough to bring hot chocolate and that was nice to warm up to. There is a home on one acre for sale about a mile further up the road. We would love to live up this canyon but wow, what a price! They want $800,000! I guess we won't be moving to that neck of the woods.
Still we can sled all we want on our unfinished driveway. Once we warm up again that is.

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Hammy said...

What fun! And for a bargain. (The $4, not the $800,000.)