Monday, January 14, 2008

What A Day...

As I have most likely mentioned in previous posting, Mondays are work days for our family. Today was not different. However, what was different was the lack of murmuring, and the ability to accomplish so much. What made today better then other Mondays?
It came to my mind while at a homeschool support group to ask the kids to go about the house on Sunday night and detect what needs cleaning for Monday. I call this an epiphany. Last night I said I needed detectives to search out the cleaning needs and the kids went after the idea, hook, line, and sinker.
Everything was written on the chalk board plus I included 3 jobs that consisted of saying I Love You, Hugs, and Hugs again, which makes the list seem more bearable to the children when I have happy acts to be accomplished as well as hard work.
I even managed to go outside and try sledding on plastic which did not work because of the bumps on the dirt driveway. I think sledding before we plow next year is going to be fun and you can bet I'll be out there trying to impress my kids.
Mattia and I painted with acrylics this afternoon while waiting for laundry to dry. I am painting my first picture ever on canvas. I am not an artist but I am tying my hand at a winter scene looking eastward from our dinning room windows.
We made pizza this evening and had a lovely, talkative dinner with the Black family. For our LDS friends, it was Susan Easton Black and her husband. We talked about the educational approach we are taking with our children, the idea of empowering our children to gain their own education, and how we contribute by seeking learning for ourselves as their parents, how to inspire children that they have missions and their educations are directly related to the missions they will serve through out life. I could of listened for a few more hours to Susan but we all needed to retire to our beds.
It's interesting how I am feeling confidence in my ability to share with others the ideas of homeschooling. There are two families that are looking into the possibility of home education at some point and I want to help give ideas that are becoming cornerstones in the education of our family both young and old. I think I feel courage to share ideas since we started holding the colloquia. It's exciting and I am happy. Sure I have bad days who doesn't. But it's nice to see advancement for me, my children, and for other families to see they can provide more for their children no matter what educational approach is taken.
Enough! Off to bed for some light reading of Federalist #4.

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