Saturday, January 19, 2008

Passing days...

Why does Saturday always pass so quickly? I'd love to read all day but now it's 5:45pm. I should make dinner soon, but I rather write my insights from my readings this week. Writing what i have learned is pertinent to retaining and understanding the information I have been seeking to acquire. What good is spending hours in self directed learning if I can't even pronounce the names of people or ideas of great authors throughout the centuries of man's existence. I have to share with someone even if it's just typing.

Thursday evening we held our regular colloquium. Six members attended. I am usually concerned if we have a small turn out. But once again I left the meeting feeling rewarded for the thoughts and wisdom of other peoples ideas. We started our discussion on the topic of the evening, Amazing Grace. From the life of Wm. Wilberforce we extended our ideas to humanitarian activities, the millions of people and societies destroyed by tyrants and how the lack of social manners kills societies because the people no longer care how anyone else feels, it's all about me. Wouldn't it be shocking if the next President of the United States gave a proclamation to all Americans encouraging them to return to Providence and seek to live virtuous lives. A return to civil societies.
John Newton mentored for a short season the young Wilberforce. And although William allowed worldliness to enter his life for another season, he returns to this mentor as a changed man desiring to accomplish what is right, moral, and true. To receive affirmation from the man who penned the words to the song Amazing Grace would be a great boost to strengthen William as he began to make scarifies for the cause of public virtue.

Last night we finally lassoed Deby and her family over for a dinner. Deby was the person who started a colloquium using the 5 Pillar plan found at George Wythe College. Her act gave us the confidence to take over when she moved on, and now we have expanded the ideas that Deby started. Since we have been involved with PALMS, I am feeling increased confidence in my ability and desire to share what our homeshcooling ideas consist of, and how we are implementing as well as handling disappointments.

It's Saturday night and I'm ready.

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