Thursday, January 3, 2008

It Smells Like Spring Today

Yesterday, I called Donna to see if I could give her a ride to a homeschooling support group in Pleasant Grove. Donna was speaking about Leadership Education and the clubs she created, Princess Academy and Sons of Valor.
I had a great moment while listening to her. She was repeating something Oliver says at seminars. It goes like this..."the education your children will have will be based on the education you have in 5 years." I have always felt uncomfortable hearing this statement until last night. I realized I am on a path of improvement in my self-directed education. I am seeking and I am gaining wisdom line upon line, a little here, a little there. I see hope for my Liber education. I am encouraged that my children will be better and greater then me. And I hope to help them accomplish greatness.

This evening was our first colloquium of the new year. We had two others in attendance, and we had an insightful discussion regarding personal mission in life and the need to share knowledge and wisdom gained with others and not hold in what we learn. I think it's going to be vital to let our children dream of all the great people they can become. That was a problem for many of the parents of great composers. They wanted their sons to do anything but music. Yet these artist had missions to create and could not deny the God who gave them life.

We had a nice visit 2 days after Christmas with friends we meet in New Orleans who are currently living in Dallas. Carrie and Justin along with their daughters came for an afternoon visit and we felt fortunate to spend time with old friends.
Keeping in contact with friends and family is a weakness I have. Some days I wonder how I can be disconnected from people out side of my personal family. But I am.

I had a couple epiphanies while listening to Donna last night. I need to bring the kids into folding the laundry now that they have the sorting and washing going smoothly. I need to call it "Family Folding". It's time for me to give vacuuming to the kids. It's one job I like to do but it's time to let the kids practice and improve.

Yesterday we had a nice day of learning adventures. Mattia wrote a poem and she was so happy to call her self an author. This is her second poem. It goes like this..."Snails or slow, snail are slow, But slugs are even slower." She made a picture too. It was also Tia's turn to cook dinner and she and I made Cheese Raviolis from scratch! They tasted great! This was a time consuming meal for the first time but I feel confident that we could sell raviolis to our neighbors as a way to make money for our trip in December.

I left a message with a neighbor and I hope to visit and learn more about using this popular vinyl lettering system for craft projects. I have an idea of selling framed glass with classic quotes, keys of TJEd philosophy, and who knows what else. I'd like to do this to show my children that I am earning money and serious about our trip and I also want to donate money I make to the George Wythe College building fund. Donna said our group might qualify for Liber League status. It's something I'm checking into.

Temperature is up today. We are hoping for snow over the weekend so that the barometric pressure falls and then we can see our homemade barometers in action. low pressure with cloudy stormy weather, like a hurricane. High pressure with sunny days, like summer in the woods.

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