Thursday, February 28, 2008

Do You Know of the Great Names Series?

Have you read or know of the Great Names Series by Mason Crest publications? I read one this morning called Archimedes: Ancient Greek Mathematician. Mattia chose it for her reading with me. I liked how they used the Roman writer Cicero who has come to Sicily to find evidence of the great math master. I now wonder if Cicero really did this. I will try to find out.
In the mean time have you read any of these books in the series I would like to know how others feel about them.
Bless Mattia. Today she gave me a lesson about the circle I will not now forget. Using the Sir Cumference books, she related to me the meaning of circumference, (Lady) Di Ametur, and their son Radius. She did so well and was so excited to share and teach me I was so pleased and happy to see her experiencing a love of learning. She even had me look up the origin of the word Tories. It's French.

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Kacy said...

What a treat to discover all your latest posts. I must have had an older page of your blog "saved." I thought you hadn't been posting for a while. I like the style changes. Ben and I learned about Archimedes this week too--on "Mythbusters" (a show we love) they tried to recreate an Archimedes death ray.