Monday, February 25, 2008

Just Today...

I had a reply to my post regarding the Teaching Company that I wrote about last night. It seems there is a web site dedicated to providing reviews of lectures and professors.
It could be helpful. It looks like you can register to post reviews for the site as well. Here is the link if your interested:

How do I add a link that a person can click on and go directly to the site? I know the answer is out there but can someone just give it to me. Please. Thank you.

Much was accomplished in chores today. I and the kids and in particular Eli and Beth had self directed love of learning today. Both worked on their Faith in God and prepared a FHE lesson on the Word of Wisdom. Tomorrow night is the Blue and Gold dinner for Cub Scouts. Eli has earned his fitness and ??? so he is excited and feeling more motivated to earn the religious knot.

Mattia and I had an insightful and colorful date this evening. We went to Aquatica to look at the fresh and salt water fishes. I thought about this amazing earth we are blessed to live upon. So many beautiful creatures hiding on this planet.
I'm also pleased to say that Mattia made the carrot juice tonight and drank her portion without complaint. Finally.

I think I will hold an informal open house to allow families to meet me and review the expectations for being involved in a Knights of Freedom club. I will have the forms and guidelines available. I'm going to see if I can borrow a couple Tabards, I already have the swords used for knighting. Oh, I just remembered! Gove has a cousin who has fenced in the National Championships and won. And I am also just remembering that at some point he made his own suit of armor. This would be great to have him attend when we knight the boys with their particular virtue.

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