Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Keeping Track...

I use composition books to write my book reviews, thoughts, journaling, studies, epiphanies, and insights from conferences, and anything else that comes to mind. I also blog some thoughts and sometimes I try to type what I learned for the month. Everything is in a different book/file. I know I want to take my religious studies comp book to church, my PALMS book to our weekly colloquium, my personal studies book, I will use at this weekends leadership/home education forum in SLC. But maybe I will start a new composition book for conferences and seminars.
What if I want to find something that triggers my brain...what am I to do when I don't have that particular book with me. Sure, I can write myself a message and look later...
I could use a 3 ring binder but that is too big to take everywhere. With a 3 ring binder I could divide into many section and as the section fills transfer to a permanent binder.
The more I think of this right now it seems I should stick with the composition books. They are cheap, come in bright colors and fit in my purse. I will have to work with this and see if something comes to mind over the weekend.

BTY, the picture shows the binding on the right side of the book. We left handed people would so appreciate this type of binding here in America.

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