Sunday, February 10, 2008

A New Day Dawns....

I'm feeling much better, thank you. I have a head cold but it's a vast improvement compared to yesterday. I took an antihistamine yesterday morning and ended up in la la land for about 5 hours.

My education has been off track for the past 3 weeks. I don't like it and so I return to some improved level of diligence. I am expecting cousins from Californian to arrive Tuesday so my great intentions may have to be pushed back another week. I look forward to my sister being healthy and returning to work in the next 2 weeks, visitors coming and returning to their homes and then our home life returning to our regular schedule. I miss my afternoon personal education and scripture study time. I need to make some changes and have a monthly plan for the direction I feel I should take, and how far I'd like to see myself progressing weekly.

I and the children have enjoyed our first 3 weeks of French. I am so pleased to see a love of learning experience happening not only for my children but for me too. My desire to learn French and actually having it be understood in 3 weeks time is so more progressive then what I experienced in Junior and Senior High schools.

Although I was ill for all of last week, I was able to finish Gene S. Porter's, The Song of the Cardinal. A delightful little book about the antics of a puffed up in pride male cardinal and a shy, frumpy female. I know Gene grew up in the Limberlost Forest of Indiana and studied birds so as I read about the antics of Mr. Cardinal I have to believe her descriptions are accurate. It is my plan when I finally learn how to use our mini mac to create a podcast, I will read this story as a child's evening theater series.
I and the children finished Shannon Hale's The Goose Girl. Even a shy princess can stand up and learn to be courageous in the midst of intrigues.
We also read Old Yeller. I would love to have such a dog with us this summer when we are talking in the woods. How peaceful it is to feel that an animal can protect you and guide you while enjoying the beauty of nature.

It feels nice to type some of my thoughts once more...

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Hammy said...

glad you're feeling a little better.