Sunday, February 24, 2008

Saturday's Work

Usually when I think of a full day of working on Saturday, it almost always includes exhaustion at the end of the day. But not yesterday. I felt we and I had accomplished a great deal without adding a new ache to my back.
I recently reviewed the writing of some guy who wrote an organic farming book (sorry, to tired to find the book now). It's from the early 60's however. I read the chapters about pruning. First you must understand why you are pruning a given tree. Our trees are too tall. That was my reason. I did prune the trees last year and had no idea what to do, I just cut. This time I felt better as I pruned, not always doing the best job at creating a clean cut but ultimately pleased with how the trees looked. I think I had the job finished in 2 hours. Not bad. I will be watching as the season progresses to see the results of the fruit of my labors. I hope to get cherry blossoms like the picture above. Last year I had zero.This technique called espalier looks so interesting. I would love to use our retaining wall to see something like this come to pass. How amazing if I could guide and direct a fruit tree to grow with a single plane pattern.

I was able to prepare all the forms to apply for our passports. We just need pictures now. Gove was able to build a base for our bed and raise us up about 6 inches and provide greater support for the frames. We roasted hot dogs on the camp fire while the kids burned the branched I pruned. And if that not enough, Gove and I ran over to a dinner sponsored for High Priest in the stake.

I am starting a Knights of Freedom in April. I need a co-adviser before I can send in the application form. K of F is for boys ages 8-12 in their love of learning stage of life. We will meet twice a month in the afternoon for 3 hours each time. The boys will lead activities, the leaders lead activities which focus on the planned book for a given month. This is the first time that most boys have exposure to the idea of a colloquium. We have used the Famous Childhood Series at the Lehi K of F for the past year. I may see if the boys of this new group want to try other series. the goal is to read about real men who behaved with morals, virtue, statesmanship. there is also a lot of play time for the boys. I hope to find some boys interested in Chess for Eli to play with. The other big thing that the boys look forward to is the yearly Summit in SLC. The boys learn about chivalry and positive virtues of knighthood. They end the 2 day summit with a battle against the marauders. This is great fun and so Hero generation stuff for the boys.

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