Thursday, February 28, 2008

Strike at Shane's Review

Strike at Shane's is a short story about a farming family in the mid-west. Gene Stratton Porter wrote this little gem in 1893 and it won the Humane Society national award. This book is about the Shane's farm animals going to strike because Mr. Shane and his son Tom abuse them, and they have had enough. Intended to remind us of the need to love all of God's creatures, Gene tells the tale of a father who has lost contact with his wife and daughter for the sake of money and he will use and abuse his animals to get the most out of them in working the land. Sadly, the son is following the fathers example. With the strike in full force, Shane gets a surprise that changes his life and opens his heart to the value of loving nature, his family, and the gifts before him.
I am partial to Gene's writings and find this story one I wish my own father had read while growing up and while raising us. I so thankful to have the birds at our deck eating the seeds and darting about seemly having a day of joy each day of their lives. I appreciate the beauty that surrounds me everyday with the Wasatch mountain range in my backyard.
I will read this to our children again if necessary to teach the lessons it offers about animal treatment. Luckily my kids don't even want me to kill a bug for our collection anymore since their Dad read this story to them last year.

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