Sunday, February 24, 2008

This morning I was listening to a couple give talks at church. It was kind of surprising how well they fit into the Nomad generation but in particular the waiting to have children. I would imagine that has something to do with being in their 20's still.
My children have always been thought of as the best by their mother. Now I like to think about them as part of the Hero generation. During our executive Family Counsel meeting this morning , we invited each child to share their goals for this week regarding personal education. spiritual growth, and physical development. Each had ideas for their growth. I will help to facilitate their ideas but the power to accomplish is theirs to develop. Eli is heavy into drawing and labeling lego pictures to use as a plan for his next Lego movie. Bethany is planning her square foot garden and deciding seeds to purchase. I have plans for square foot gardening too. Mattia is now excited to get her tonsils removed on the 11th.
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