Wednesday, March 26, 2008


My heart is not into reading for this weeks colloquium. The Federalist papers again. Boy, every fourth week seems to be right around the corner and Alexander Hamilton is hard on my mind. What I'm really wondering about is what did Alexander and Aaron Burr have that duel for? How did Aaron feel after killing Alexander? I have not looked for the answer to this and many other question on my mind but I like to wonder as I pretend to hear the guy at Librivox re-read the papers.

Good news, we have hired contractors to pour our driveway and deck. In about three weeks we will be driving on our own property.

I feel overly worn down in preparation for tomorrow and the next 2 days. I am taking on five other children so that their mom and dad can attend the Statesman Retreat at GWC. In November of 2006 I was attending a conference while Gove stayed with the children. I realized how beneficial it would of been to have my husband with me. So now I see the need to offer the opportunity to others even if it means less sleep and a much bigger mess. It's only three days and they have four boys! Eli will be in heaven with all these playmates.

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