Sunday, March 9, 2008

Civil Society and the "No Cussing Zone"

Did you see the article from Pasadena last week? This is wonderful. One young person taking a stand for social manners and now the Mayor is supporting the idea. McKay Hatch came up with the idea. Read it for your self.
I think this is neat because frankly I'm not doing much to promote civil society except in my home and there are days yet when we act like monkeys.
It was through civil society groups that Wilberforce and others of like mindedness changed the social manners and what was right for English society during the 20 years it took to abolish the slave trade. I think there is an interesting group called the Civil Society Project seeking to re-establish social manners for the good of society. This is were I see the no cussing idea helping as little steps are taken and people find that life can be better according to how we behave.

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