Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Catch This If You Can...

Don't we all end up having to catch a curve ball at some time in our lives? Mine came last week. I wasn't blindsided, but I was not prepared all the same. I had thought once or twice that this pitch could come my way but I figured I was wrong. When I caught the ball in my worn out mit it really stung. I haven't caught a ball at this speed for well over 14 years. You know whats good about catching this ball? I didn't let go, the ball never fell from my hands. I think my team can win. There will probably be a lot of endings to play, I hope they don't get to rough. I can't say what really happened. It's no ones business but still it's kind of nice to put it out there in the form of a ball game situation.
When I was young I played catcher and short stop on a mostly boys Little League team in Seattle. I hated being catcher. I was always scared of getting hit. Had I received a couple hits then maybe I would have felt better being behind the plate.
I don't remember what short stop felt like. I guess there were no lasting lessons or impressions.

My trials are my lessons. They are gifts from God to prepare me for the future. Trials can strengthen my resolve to live righteously, to repent, or cause me to humbly submit and acknowledge my weakness and nothingness without Providence in my life. I am forever indebted to my god the Father and my god the Son, in whom I would be nothing without.

Baseball, I have no desire to watch it. But if catching, running, tagging, and hitting brings me closer to God then I'm going to play forever no matter how many bruises I suffer. Nice thing about brusies is that they can heal in time. I think my team is going to heal too.


Hammy said...

Beautifully put.

Nickie said...

Thank you Carrie.