Friday, March 14, 2008

I Think I'll Never See A Friday As Lovely As Today...

Earlier this week I discovered a little treasure at Librivox. Someone has provided an audio file of The Moths of the Limberlost by Gene Stratton Porter.
I was actually having difficulty getting into this little book. But now, as I listen to the reading and hear how some of Gene's fictional stories came about while collecting moths is inspiring. I love being uplifted and encouraged to do good by other peoples missions in life. South Fork park is calling to us.

Thursday afternoon as I and our children drove up to SLC we were listening to the sound track of Les Mis the musical. We love these songs. We were discussing (once again) mercy, forgiveness and how Javert and Jean Valjean differed in mercy and justice. Eli said,"you know these french stories, like the Count of Monte Cristo and Hunchback of Norte Dam and Les Mis all have this problem with mercy." It's inspiring to hear these thoughts from children.
Today, we received reimbursement for the Great Books we received damaged in the mail. The kids were so excited to take the books we were missing and add them to our library. Eli came to me and said in a slightly excited way that we have Shakespeare 1 and 2!

Last evenings colloquium was great! With 14 in attendance we enjoyed a lively discussion of the GWC article How to Learn and Why: 20 Fundamental Principles. I frankly did not like the writing style of this paper, however the 20 points are worthy of understanding. I can't say I have one favorite but these are the points I really appreciate and see growth in myself.
#3 You will be transformed for the better just by making a sustained effort to learn. #5 To live is to learn, and to learn is to live. #18 To truly apply right learning in the right way we have to fine the answers for ourselves. #19 We have to let others find and apply their own answers as well. #10 What we learn depends on the core principles that we hold to be true. Next week I will be the facilitator for The Law and The Proper Role of Government. Oh boy.

Gove finished reading Gulliver's Travels to the children tonight. I did not listen as I need a little down time before going to bed in the evening but it sounds like the ending is sad because Gulliver is unable to relate to his family. Any suggestions for what they should start next?

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