Sunday, March 9, 2008

Homeschooling and CBS News

The CBS EARLY SHOW ran 2 segments last week about homeschooling. One was specially about Thomas Jefferson Educational Philosophy/LeadershipEducation for the 21st Century. The other story was why families educate at home.

Both episodes were well said. I would not call TJED a 'fast track' although once a child is truly ready to learn a particular skill like reading or math, they will learn it quite quickly, so maybe that is where the 'fast track' idea comes from. I love reading to my children, and for my own education as well. Leadership education was not how I was raised and it's a test for me to be making the changes that will inspire others to seek after greatness and discover their missions as they go through life.

Trusting in Providence to take us down this path has been life changing for our family. Did you read my post about Shakespeare? How many children and adults long to read more and to understand the meaning. How many 10 year old boys want their fathers to read about the democrats political debate between Barack and Hillary? Mine does. I have no doubt that it's due to establishing a Core, and Love of Learning Phase in the lives of our children. And they listen to us as we read about the Great Debate of our nation and they are not afraid to ask question and we try to answer or find the answer for them. Today Bethany was excited to learn that there is a shortage coming up within the veterinarian field. She has felt her mission is going to be with animals. It will be interesting so see what unfolds for our children and for myself and husband as we continue and seek an education for the 21st century.

It was this college and the philosophies of Dr. Oliver DeMille, and his wife, Mrs. Rachael DeMille that got us started 4ish years ago. Now we read almost every evening and have no connection to cable television. It's wonderful and be together every day.

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