Monday, March 10, 2008

Smiling To Myself..,

I sent a response to CBS last night regarding the clips on homeschooling. (See my last blog for the details.) I thanked them, and requested they interview Dr. DeMille who coined the term 'Thomas Jefferson Education'. I wonder if it will happen any time soon.

I laughed with myself today as I was reinforcing the Core lessons of bathroom cleaning. Funny how well the children do when I am going to do an inspection and they will have to do over what is wrong. I found a couple sinks unwashed. There was no complaining. I was laughing because there is no 'fast track' when developing the phases of learning, growth, and development.

Last night I called for the 'cleaning detectives' to determine what areas needed direct cleaning today. By the end of the discussion, 7 areas were listed on the chalk board. It is a matter of Core Phase learning that work is part of every day and in particular of Mondays. What I love to see in our Love of Learning Phase is the diversity of interest the kids go through. Painting was highly intensive for Bethany in between our family cleaning jobs today. She was painting by numbers and did a lovely job painting a horse scene. Eli decided his cooking of dinner would be today and without me reminding him, he started preping at 3:30 pm, peeling 20 potatoes for homemade french fries, 20 carrots for fresh carrot juice. He said his legs were killing him. I smiled and said I know just how he feels. Mattia is growing taller and I see little signs of maturing. She was working with in her core phase dealing with controlling the tone of her voice, handling frustration. She is progress.

Now it's time for the mom and dad to read for this Thursday's colloquium.

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