Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Is A Green Thumb Really Necessary???

Oh my goodness! I have got to finish the Square Foot Gardening book that has been under my current readings for way to long. The kids plan to use this gardening system as do I this summer. I have been reading from my 1968 organic farming book about the care and nurturing of Raspberry and Blueberry plants. Soil p.h. is critical it would appear. Blueberries want the p.h. at 4.5 but the Raspberries want it at about 5-5.6. Blueberries want the water table to be about 2 feet below their root system and it seems that the Raspberries tolerate different soils as long as they have lots of leave mulch, which I just happen to have about 15 bags waiting to go to the dump so maybe I can recycle and help save the earth now.
That's one of the things I strongly dislike about growing crops. Making the environment just right. I'm the type of gardener that likes to garden by the seat of my pants so to speak. Lets just dig up the ground, loosen the dirt, throw in some seeds, water and see what happens. I know many people would call this a 'waste of time' gardening but I like the experimental adventure.
I realize that the frost isn't over yet but I went ahead and decided to test some old bulbish type of plants I've had setting in the garage for over a year. They looked quite dried out but what the hey, I'm all for experimenting and I didn't feel like it took much time at all. Just maybe I might have a few Dahlia's this summer after all.

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Hammy said...

Have you looked at Amber Stecher's blog. THere is a link on my blog to hers, she also commented on the garden.

Hope you all are well.