Thursday, March 6, 2008

We Want To Read Who?...

Our children were invited to answer the opening question presented at last Thursday evenings colloquium. The question was, " Describe how you feel about Shakespeare". Bethany said, 'well, he writes tragedies and humor plays. Mattia said tragedies. Eli said he likes the sword fights.
Not the type of answer the facilitator was probably looking for, but I do think it's interesting what they all agreed about.
All three agreed that they want to read and listen to more Shakespeare, starting with the Charles and Mary Lamb retelling.

Friday morning we finished listening to Twelfth Night unabridged. I was surprised with the undertone of sexuality. Gove said what sells today is what sold then, sex and violence.
I think it's human nature that Shakespeare is showing, sad as it can be at times. These are the stories that tell about life.
I have read but three of Shakespeare's plays, and some of A Mid Summer Nights Dream. So I am rather limited on my understanding. All the same, I'm liking Shakespeare. Wow! I want to read more. WOW! This is exciting to think that me, so limited in literary exposure wants more. Kind of neat.

I'm in the sewing mood this week, trying to make a couple purses for the spring and summer seasons. I'll post the finished products.

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