Sunday, March 2, 2008

Saturday's Leadership Forum...

The American Youth Leadership Institute located in SLC sponsored there 6th annual leadership educational convention yesterday. I truly debated until days prior when I realized although I am feeling secure and seeing the fruits of our labor begin to grow with regards to leadership education for myself and our children, I knew that the possibility for personal epiphanies would be there for me. And did I get one. Dr. Oliver and his wife Rachel continue to share their learning and insights. They released a new book while at the conference, as noted in the above picture. Listening to Dr. DeMille is always amazing and wowing...I'm going to type my notes and add them to my Personal Annotations but I wanted to hit the three challenges for leaders in the 21st century as Dr. DeMille covered them.
3rd: Jobs verses Prosperity (they aren't the same thing)
2nd: Entertainment verses Investment (one is slaving the other is freeing)
1st: Nation verses Tribe (very interesting, never enough time to hear his understandings)

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