Thursday, March 27, 2008

Still Learniang...

O.K., after reading the composed anti-Federalist papers #18-20. I feel better. I liked what "An Old Whig" and "A Newport Man" had to say about slowing down and not assuming this Federalist plan was going to work and who would say there wouldn't be another Constitutional Convention to fix something else or change the constitution completely again. I liked how the "Newport Man" gave examples of small confederacies that have survived (1780's) while being surrounded by larger countries. St. Marino is a Republic basically surrounded by Italy. I did not even know it existed until last week! Another place with separate confederacies, (I guess that's the word), was/is the Cantons of Switzerland.

SEVEN hours and counting! We added 5 more children to our family for the next 3 days and it's going well so far. I hope it stays great. The kids are having quality time together. We also spent two hours at the Bean Museum. Everyone was interested in using nature books to copy pictures of the animals. This is a nice experience.

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