Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Eye Foot Coordination...

An acquaintance said she heard a rumor that I homeschool. I said it wasn't a rumor, I really do. She asked if it was hard. I said it's like anything else in life. Some days are great and some days are hard, but even with the hards days I would not trade our families' experience.

Yesterday was one of those days I'm indebted to God for guiding me to this selfless act of homeschooling. I say selfless because you have to be willing to share a lot of your very personal time with family. Don't worry, it's worth it once you find what works for your family.
So, as I made lunch, I said I would like to take the children for a walk afterwards because there was a lot of unused energy flying around. The kids suggested a picnic. And this is another reason why I love homeschooling...We walked up the hill found the stairs to Lions park, and as we walked, I read the Children's Homer to the kids and they loved this experience. I have never heard them with less complaints when it comes to walking. Every time I stopped reading to look ahead and make sure I wasn't going to fall they encouraged me to "keep reading, this is great". We picnicked, played, and walked back reading the adventures of Odysseus after he was allowed to leave Calypso after seven years. I am often reminded of things I would not be doing if it wasn't for homeschooling. I am thankful for this path in our lives.

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