Sunday, April 13, 2008

Follow-Up ON Our Six Month Inventory...

Outcome of last weeks Six Month Inventory.

Last Sunday I and my spouse held our second, six month inventory for the entire family.
We do this individually to allow freedom of thought for each family member without influence from one another. Interestingly, my husband included a family inventory which I think is a good idea.
We are now using these inventories to guide our directions in our weekly Family Executive Counsel meetings. I realized that we were adding to much to the weekly expectation and last week we cut way back. Just one idea for each child and suddenly the week felt very attainable for everyone involved.
Bethany decided she wanted to read from the Pathway Series. Tia also felt like trying to begin reading and I was surprised by how quickly she remembered. I told Tia that when an honest desire came to her she would begin reading. She was very happy with her progress and last night she was asking Daddy to help her read. We have lined up a Veterinarian field trip with 2 other families for this week and are looking into a work/study with IFA.
Elijah is entering the pre-puberty stage! Deodorant is a definite needed hygiene item. Gove took Eli for a date Monday evening and they had a special father son talk. Not to deep but all the same important to understand the sacredness of man and women. Eli said it was good to talk with dad. Eli is very concerned when he sees immodesty in magazines, stores, and any where else for that matter. He quickly turns away and says he doesn't want to see such things. I am grateful for his desire to make righteous choices. He also said he wants to take a religious class at BYU. Wow, was I surprised to hear this.
We are going to act on these ideas to help inspire the love for learning in our children.
While doing my inventory I was surprised with an over whelming desire that I need to prepare myself to share with other mothers that they can bring their children home and find joy being with their families and inspire greatness. I also feel the need to step up to taking Extension courses through GWC. This is were I get nervous and realize that it's a step in faith and trust verses fear and running away. I now think of The Screwtape Letters when I think of fear, as well as trusting in God and not in the arm of flesh.

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