Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Golden Moment #12...

Warning; what you're about to read will be transformational.
How's that for positive thinking!

This morning we attended the temple. I went to contemplate our children and my education. By the evening I was blessed with multiple epiphanies as I started reading Anna Comstock's nature book.
My mind was opened to wonderful ideas for creating a mom-school for my children and other families.
I found myself excited to be reading and thinking of how to share these ideas and use our chickens to share a love for learning with the kids. Ideas for field trips, demonstrations, experiements with air flooded my mind! I'm not sure this has ever happened to me or at lest not for many years.
It was refreshing to feel a love for learning within myself. I was beginning to doubt if I had a desire for learning. It's interesting that I have walked by this book for about 2 months saying to myself that I needed to start reading it. And then this afternoon I walked by the book again and felt prompted to read it now. Because I listened (finally) I felt an out pouring of love from God with these insights that came into my mind.

Now to get to work...

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