Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happier Fish... A Morning Well Spent...

God blessed me with an wakeful mind this morning. I was up by 4:35am and out the door for the 5:40 temple session. I love the temple. I go to feel the love of my Lord and Savior. This morning my heart was humbly administered to and tears flowed freely. Tears of gratitude for my Savior's fulfillment of his calling upon earth. Sometimes I look in the mirror, and feel so amazed to be in existence. I am me, I was created by heavenly parents, I am here.
I now await this weekends General Conference and all that will be taught to me by the Spirit.

What about the fish? They received a clean tank last night during our Family Home Evening activity. After 7 months of algae development they have a clean, bright, habitat. I was quite surprised that algae would grow on the lamp above the water. No wonder it was looking so dark in there. I suppose we will go buy some new fish to make up for the 6 fish I killed about 2 months ago when I add water that was too hot. Hey, when you have radiant floor heating and your filtered water bottles are kept on the floor, they have the potential to warm up. The poor Neon Tetra didn't know what hit them.

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