Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandpa Bush...

I remember my grandfather mostly for milking cows and letting me drive a tractor when I was a wee child. Today Grandpa Emil is 90 years old or young depending on how you look at it. I like to think he is young because he actually looks younger then his son, my dad.
Why just this morning Grandpa Emil was out in the barn mixing fuel and oil for the chain saw so that my dad could go cut up some oak trees out in the back 40.
I enjoyed visiting Grandma and Grandpa as children living in Washington sate. We would travel almost every summer in our families VW bus. It was hot and often slow going up the hills but as soon as we turned down the dirt driveway and could hear the cows and see Grandpa plowing the corn fields we were ready for excitement once more.
What I didn't like about visiting were the ticks, leeches, and mosquitoes. I was always attacked by some insect.
I do however have found memories of a little snow color kitten I caught with the help of my uncle Marvin. We ran the wild kitten into the manure gutter in the milking area and I got her into a gunny sack. I called the little thing Snowball and after fresh milk and bread and lots of cuddling I was able to make a feline friend. I don't remember what happened over the years but I did see kittens from her litters over the next few summers when we visited.
Minnesota is great for thunder storms and electrical summer storms. I remember watching out our the bedroom window as the lightning flashed across the night sky.
I'll always have found memories for Lake Wobegon and Garrison Keillor as well. Who wouldn't?

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