Monday, April 14, 2008

Jane Eyre...

We watched the 2006 production of Jane Eyre last night. All 228 minutes. Fortunately for the kids, they recalled some of the plot when Gove and I were preparing for a colloquium discussion in 2007. The kids often realized a change was occurring because of the music.
I suggest reading Jane Eyre and discussing the characters with someone else prior to watching the movie.
I find myself pleasantly surprised with Mr. Rochester. In my mind I had created an uglier character. I like how Rochester turned out in this production, not as angry I felt.
I was pleased with Jane's character. She is willing to make sacrifices for what is right between herself and God.
I like happy endings even when trials can not be avoided. I think the trials bring great joy to couples once they have learned to perceiver and forgive each other. How blessed Jane and Edmond are to be brought together again.
Ultimately this movie was true to the story that Ms. Bronte wrote. A lot has to be cut out and even then the movie is over 3 hours. But worth every moment. I was hoping for more involving Helen Burns at Lowood. I cried again when Helen died. I cried a couple other times and again I felt like a raw pain was opened for some reason which is interesting since I feel peaceful with my life. I'm sure I still have some emotional boxes hidden somewhere deep in my heart.
So, go to the library and get your name on the waiting list. In the mean time read Jane Eyre.
Good luck.

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Hammy said...

Sigh. Such a great story and movie.