Friday, April 18, 2008


Last night, Mindy, who attends the PALMS colloquium reminded me of what Screwtape said to Wormwood about the humans having up's and down's through life.
I forgot to consider this point of view this week as a low in our ebb and flow hit us full force.
It's difficult to think the bickering and picking would ever stop when your in knee deep.
And yet here we are this evening rising from the bottom of the trough, and again seeing the light and joy of day. Thank goodness.
I find it discouraging to read about leadership education when we are having quarrels. I wonder sometimes what good it is to read our scriptures, pray daily, go to the temple,have personal religious studies if the kids are going to fight and mom is going to loss patience with it all.
I know, I know.... I have imagined what life would be like without these habits, I don't want to go there either.

Anyway, my point is that what was hard to read this week is over. Today I started the Leadership Education by the DeMille's and I am finding great suggestion and I don't feel like I am failing.
I am grateful to be indebted to my Father in Heaven and to my Redeemer. Really, I am so thankful to be lifted and to see that this was just a cycle that comes about once a month for some number of days.
What I think helps and is hard for me to do is to see that this is a passing stage and we will be lifted again to higher ground. It just takes some trials, experience, patience, humility, and forgiveness.
Thanks for the reminder Mindy it's a big help.

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