Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Which Bird Makes The Most Noise During The Night?...

I awoke with a headache.
I imagine my head hurts because I slept outside with the family last night.
Sleeping outside is not my favorite thing. Although I like to camp in the tent, sleeping with the sky above, in a city, is tough. For one thing I sense to much light. I need darkness when I sleep. The other big reason is the noise. Birds, cars,pheasants, and last night the wind. So this morning I awoke tired and sleep deprived.

The flip side of this experience...

Our children woke-up very happy! Last night we tried to locate the Big Dipper and the North star which we did when the clouds passed long enough for us to see the constellations. This morning we read our central cannon, had our family cheer, and brought the gear in with the hope of sleeping out tonight.

Do you know what happened here last night?

MEMORIES! I came out and slept with my family to help create positive memories for them. And to be honest I might not have slept out if it wasn't for the April Ensign and a short message about childhood memories. Tiredness aside, I'm glad to have been with my family.
Gove and I were able to begin this week's colloquium reading as well. I recommend learning about leadership education and the Thomas Jefferson Educational Philosophy for the 21st Century.

There is something nice about reading outdoors that brings peace to my soul.

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Hammy said...

I have such great memories of sleeping out in our backyard. So fun for the kids.