Saturday, May 3, 2008

Not Just For Time...

This afternoon Gove and I attended the wedding of April and Nate. April is a cousin of Gove's. As I was listening to the brother who would preform the temple marriage ceremony I was transported back almost 13 years (in 10 days it will be 13!) to the day I was married to Gove here at the San Diego temple. Tears came to my eyes as I watched the joy in the young couple standing before everyone excited to begin life together not just for time but potentially for all eternity if they are faithful to the covenants they had made. I am reminded of my covenants. I was reminded of the trials (fast balls) that do come at times and how faith and growth has been a great blessing to me in these latter days of my life.
I confess I have one regret when it comes to the past 13 years...My regret was not consulting my Heavenly Father regarding birth control. Although I only used "the pill" for 6 months, it could of been a time that might have allowed for a fourth children. But at last it is what it is. And I love the three we have....
The reception was held at the Ramona Castle, where my mother in-law lived for some years until her parents had to sell as the taxes were bleeding them dry. A lovely day and evening.
This vacation has been most helpful to my reading schedule. I have finished The Holy Secret and this evening I completed Home-Making. I used a new technique while reading this last book. I decided to read each first and last paragraph completely of every chapter and read the first and last sentence of each remaining paragraph of each chapter. This style worked very well and I feel blessed for reading this way and found the reading helpful, insightful, and interesting to read the authors awareness of the harms to the family back in 1882.

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