Thursday, May 8, 2008

Recommendations Needed!...

I can not show you pictures of todays field trip to the Bicentennial Park in south Provo because I don't have a CAMERA!

Do you love your camera? I want a digital camera that takes pictures fast. Super fast actually. I want to be able to catch images of nature before the objects disappears. And of course I like to take snap shots of the family.

OR, do I use a digital recorder which seem to take still pictures as well. I wouldn't mind making You Tube video's for families and for homeschooling activities.

I'm waiting eagerly to go out and buy the right equipment with your help.


mindy said...

What's your budget? I highly recommend the Nikon digital SLRs. I have a D70 that I got in 2004 and I love it. I think the D40 is also a really good camera. Quick, powerful, and as you improve your skills you will have the option to get lenses that allow you to really improve your photographic range/options. I recommend going to the Allens Camera in Orem and talking to Rex Allen. If you do, tell him I referred you to him. He's great.

Nickie said...

O.K., I'll go to Allens.